Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Arizona's proposed law to collect new taxes from electric car owners

A law before the Arizona legislature would collect a $.01 per mile tax from electric car owners.  The tax would go to pay for build and maintaining roads.  Currently highway funds come primarily from gasoline taxes and that electric car owners do not pay gasoline taxes, and therefore do not pay anything towards building and maintaining roads.

The existing system for collecting highway funds is really nice.  It's anonymous, and it's directly based on usage because it's collected per-gallon.  Those who burn more fuel are driving more miles and place more burden on the road system and should pay more road use fees.

The question is how to do the same for electric car owners.  Anonymous fees directly related to the rate of usage.

For more on tax policies, see: http://greentransportation.info/tax-policies-and-green-transportation-to-encourage-adoption

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